Fiber Assemblies

Standard Patch Cables

Our standard fiber optic patch cables are designed to allow a wide range of flexibility in many different applications.
All patch cables are available in simplex or duplex construction, with singlemode or multimode optical fibers, and a variety of connectors to ensure compatability with existing cabling or equipment.

Large Core Patch Cables

Our large core fiber patch cables are made to customer's specifications with a variety of connectors and optical fibers such as silica/silica or hard clad silica fibers, with various cable sheathing or stainless steel flexible armor tubing.

All cables are built for robustness and durability to meet your unique application requirements.


Fiber optic bundles are assemblies comprised of multible optical fibers with single or multiple legs. Our bundles are made with standard SMA, ST, FC or custom connectors, and available with silica/silica, silica/plastic, borosilicate glass, plastic optic fibers, and with various sheathings materials.