SMA 905 Adapters

We offer several types of SMA-905 fiber optic adapters, including SMA High Performance Adapters with phoshor bronze or ceramic precision split sleeve, in-line adapters, short type adapters, envirnonmentally sealed adapters, and hybrid adapters. 

All adapters are made to highest precision and are available with metal dust covers. Custom SMA adapters are also available upon request.

Adapter Types and Ordering Information

AdapterPart NumberDescription
SMA-905 High Performance Adapter with phosphor bronze sleeve, nut / washer, and metal caps
HP905-AD-CSZISMA-905 High Performance Adapter with zirconia split sleeve, nut / washer, and and metal dust caps
IL-905-AD-CSSMA 905 In-line Adapter with precision phoshor bronze sleeve, with 2 nuts / washer, and metal dust caps
ES-905-AD-CSSMA-905 Environmentally Sealed Adapter with precision phoshor bronze sleeve, D-hole mount, with o-ring, nut / washer, and metal dust caps
ST-905-AD-CSSMA-905 to ST Hybrid Adapter, with nut / washer
FC-905-AD-CSSMA-905 to FC Hybrid Adapter