Adapters / Components

Mating Sleeves

Mating sleeves are typically used for connecting two fiber optic connectors or ferrules. The precision made sleeves are available for 1.25mm, 2.5mm, and 3.17mm ferrules in zirconia or phosphor bronze.

SMA-905 Adapters

We produce and offer several types of SMA-905 adapters. These include our standard SMA adapter, High Precision SMA adapter with split sleeve, environmentally sealed SMA adapter, FC/SMA hybrid adapter and inline SMA adapters.

Bulk Head Adapters and Receptacles

Our bulkhead adapters and receptacles are typically used for one connector to project light into free space. The light can then be manipulated or used by other optical devices, such as lenses or detectors. In addition to our standard bulk head adapters, custom SMA lens adapters are available for OEM applications.

Metal Dust Caps

Our threaded Metal Dust Caps are made of nickel plated brass. These caps provide better protection than vinyl dust caps by keeping particles and contamination out from connector end faces or laser ports.  Available as FC or SMA types with optional chain.