Flexible Metal Tubes

Squarelock Tubes

The Squarelock Tubes or Conduits offer outstanding characteristics and the smallest sizes available in the industry. With its high flexibility and excellent mechanical protection or armor, the squarelock tubing is ideal for armored fiber optics, security devices, sensor cable protection, medical equipments, robotics, fiber scopes, or light guides.

Interlock Tubes

The Interlock Tubes or Conduits connected firmer than Squarelock tubes. They resist high lateral pressure, twisting and pulling, with repeated bending. Optimum protection for optical fiber designed for optical fibers and light guides. They also offer excellent vibration absorption.

Bend Limiting Tubes

Bend Limiting Tubes are uniquely designed for protecting sensitive optical fibers or fiber bundles. The much larger bending radius and increased stability makes the tube an ideal solution for high power fiber laser cables.

In addition to the standard SLDS Squarelock Bend Limiting Tubes, we also offer SIDS Interlock and SABR Interlock Bend Limiting Tubes.


Mono-Coils are made of a loosely wound stainless steel tape which provides excellent mechanical protection and flexibility. It's small size makes them an ideal solution for protecting optical fibers from lateral pressures.

Medical Mono-Coils

Medical Mono-Coils have been specifically designed to fulfill the high tech requirements for minimal invasive surgery, endoscopy, and optical fiber protection for medical lasers.


Goose-Neck tubes are made with a combination of round spring steel and triangle rods in brass, aluminum, or steel materials. When bent to a desired position the Gooseneck tube will hold the bent condition. This makes them an ideal solution for a multidude of applications.