SC Series

The SC connector is a fiber optic connector with a push-pull latching mechanism which provides quick insertion and removal while also ensuring a positive connection.
The SC series connector is available in the Physical Contact (PC) pre-dome ferrule endface as well as the Angled Physical (APC) ferrule endface with 8 degree angle for applications where reduced back reflection is desired. The connector can be made with custom inside diameters to fit large core fibers.


  • Low insertion loss & back reflection
  • Free floating precision ferrule
  • Custom ID ferrules 125um~680um
  • High durability and reliability
  • Plastic housing and boots in a variety of colors


  • Telecom networks
  • Cable TV networks
  • Local area networks
  • Premise installations
  • Industrial / Scientific

SC Connector Specifications

SpecificationsSingle ModeMulti Mode
Insertion Loss SM (typical)<0.15dB<0.20dB
Return loss SM>55dB PC
>65dB APC
Mating Durability <0.1dB<0.1dB
Temperature Range-40ºC to +75 ºC -40ºC to +75 ºC