Ceramic Ferrules

Standard Ferrules

Our Standard Ferrules are typically used as sub-components within fiber optic connectors, but can also be integrated in various specialized applications. They are made of zirconia ceramic, which offers the highest performance and durability of all ferrule material types. All Standard Ferrules are precision manufactured according to strict quality standards.


Custom Ferrules

Our Custom Ferrules are designed to meet unique requirements for a wide range of applications, including medical, military, or scientific integration. Custom Ferrules are made of alumina or zirconia ceramics, with inside diameters from 80 microns to 1100 microns, in lengths from 2.5mm to 22.5mm, and with features such as multi-step, countersinks, flats, slots, grooves, and chamfers.

Alignment Sleeves

Our Alignment Sleeves are manufactured to the highest quality standard for superior performance and durability. Standard singlemode and multimode ceramic sleeves are typically used for FC, ST, SC, LC, and SMA connectors and ferrules. We also offer custom split and solid sleeves made to your exact specifications.

Ferrule Assembly with Flange

Our Ferrule Assemblies are available with standard type SMA, SC, ST, LC or MU flanges. For specialized applications, we can design custom ferrule assemblies with high-precision flanges made of various materials, including stainless steel, nickel plated brass, or copper, to meet your exact specifications.